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24/7 communication with carriers, suppliers, storage sites


transport organization and logistic networks

Ordering transport services by phone or email takes a lot of time. Lognet enables networking of transport service clients with carriers.

Information exchange with carriers is of key importance for efficient transport organization.
Involvement of a large number of carriers when ordering the service and the process transparency significantly increase the responsiveness and competitiveness of carrier prices. Lognet is web-based software enabling formation of a closed network of carriers and access to Transport Exchange

Notable functionalities:
  • Automatic transport document generation
  • Transport service invoicing by carrier directly from Lognet
  • Annual tenders and individual transport tenders
  • Transport price lists and calculation
  • Carrier invoice control
  • Geocoding-based delivery accuracy monitoring
  • Data exchange with other IT systems used by the company
  • Lognet availability for smartphone operation
  • Written trace for each transaction (e-mail)
  • Data exchange with other IT systems (SAP, Jupiter, Pupilla, Ortec, Paragon, Mobilisis, CVS, 4dWand, Smartivo)

Lognet helps companies reach their market transport prices and improves the productivity of employees organizing transport by 20 to 40%. Request demo


Loading and unloading sequence management

Planning of loading and unloading, and real-time supervision of such activities are conditions for the optimal use of storage resources.

Overview of all deliveries and storage capacities.
Planning of loading and unloading is a condition for the optimal use of storage resources. Lognet Yard Management is web-based software adjusting its own capacities to those of suppliers and carriers.

Notable functionalities:
  • Storage team planning via YARD MANAGEMENT
  • Loading and unloading management on each ramp via DOCK MANAGEMENT
  • Optional slot booking by suppliers themselves
  • Announcements of delays or early arrivals by carriers and suppliers
  • Overview of all activity statuses in and around the premises (trucks on the parking ground, on the premises, on loading/unloading, document processing, etc.)
  • Integration of other business units (supply, sale) with insight in the storage occupancy when goods are ordered
  • History of transactions
  • Real time dashboard
  • Analytical dashboard
  • Reports

Lognet Yard and Dock Management is a tool helping the company:
  • To significantly reduce the carriers’ waiting time for loading/unloading
  • More efficient use of storage teams and loading/unloading ramps
  • Reducing carriers’ waiting time for loading/unloading by up to 30%
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Own Fleet Management

One-stop own fleet management and view of completed work profitability. LognetPRO is integrated in other services as well as in accounting services.

LognetPRO follows all transport company processes.
Integration in satellite monitoring and accounting softwares, and data acquisition from other services (road tolls, fuel cards) provides LognetPRO users with a large advantage of data processing. As part of the Lognet software, LognetPRO enables operation with transport service clients and carriers via Lognet platform.

Through its modules, LognetPRO enables:
  • Transport service order monitoring and planning of own resources
  • Transport document management
  • Transport work sheet, stops, daily wages, expenses
  • Expense monitoring and profitability management of individual transport
  • Invoicing and calculations, and transfer into another (accounting) system
  • Record of drivers
  • Record of vehicles
  • Expiry alarms (comprehensive insurance, registration, servicing, COD 95, etc.)
  • Analytical reports
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e-invoice, invoice receiving and control

Less paperwork. Faster control and accounting entries. Invoices in time. Less lost documents. Less invoicing mistakes. Less invoice storno and VAT corrections.

Traditional paper-based invoicing process is suboptimal regarding the visibility and control. It is employee based with manual approval and lack of automated controls, costly and time consuming. Invoicing digitalization improves invoice accuracy on carriers side, as well as control on shipper side.

Transport order → Shipping order → Invoice

Lognet invoicing module continues on all the documents shippers and carriers already have in Lognet, and with no additional efforts significantly speed up invoicing process, invoice verification and accounting entries.

  • Invoices and attached documents received in Lognet inbox in the moment of the invoice creation
  • Invoices received in e-invoice format
  • Lognet software invoice control done automaticaly with less disputes and errors
  • Invoice approval with confirmation/ message
  • Carriers create invoice or group invoice
  • Approved invoices transfer to ERP
  • Invoice and documents archive in digital format
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What we offer


Individualized approach

Each client have their own operation mode. Lognet adjusts to the processes and needs of each company and its operation mode with carriers and suppliers.

Development team

We dedicate a lot of time to the communication with clients and understanding of their needs. Development of all software components is in domain of our experienced and highly motivated team.

Experiences of various industries in the region

Lognet has been developing by following the growth and development of its clients. Our clients come from various industries, cultures, languages. They all work and communicate on Lognet platform.

Integration with other softwares

Companies use several softwares simultaneously for the management of their operations. Lognet integrates with existing softwares to ensure the company operates in a single and well-known IT environment, using the best features of each software.


Lognet application was launched in 2009. For more than 10 years, we have been developing softwares for the logistics and transport industry and growing together with our partners. Transport service ordering by phone or e-mail is non-practical and takes a lot of time. Scheduling goods delivery times with suppliers without having insight in the warehouse activity status generates unnecessary waiting. Lognet on a web-based platform available to all connects the transport clients with suppliers, and connects the storage site with all parties it is in contact with.

Our team has years of experience in logistics and computer programming. Understanding the needs of our clients, we create products ensuring their attainment of even higher goals.


Lognet has software experience in various industries. We develop softwares for transport of various types of goods, ranging from palletized to bulk cargo and livestock, in various temperature regimes and transport types. Take a look at the list:

  • Food processing

  • Trade

  • Distribution

  • Industry

  • Agriculture

  • Transport

  • Pharma


  • 9. Logistička konferencija Logistike & Transporta Beograd

    Zlatni sponzor

    Lognet je predstavio trendove u transportu. Upravljanje troškovima transporta i skladištenja uvijek je bilo u fokusu supply chain managera. No sada digitalizacija i mrežni rad daju potpuno novu perspektivu i omogućavaju kompanijama oboje i ubrzavanje procesa i smanjenje troškova. Zelena tranzicija i briga za okoliš dobivaju sve veću ulogu u oblikovanju poslovanja naših partnera. Lognet Zeleni indeks motivira kompanije na dodatnu brigu o okolišu.

  • Supply Chain Summit Zagreb 2019

    Gold Sponsor of the conference

    Loading and unloading ramps are a deficient resource for many companies. Same ramps are often approached by transport vehicles organized by the company itself, vehicles with goods sent by suppliers, or customers arriving to pick up the goods. Lognet Yard Management enables 24/7 all process participants in the storage area on a single platform. A case of integrated Lognet and Lognet Yard Management solution was presented at the conference.

  • Supply Chain Summit Belgrade 2019

    Gold Sponsor of the conference

    Jointly with Jamnica, the leading regional manufacturer and distributor of water and beverages, Lognet presented the transport organization and yard management. IT environment and Lognet- SAP and Lognet- Ortec integrations were particularly analyzed, as well as savings made by Jamnica by using Lognet.

  • 8. SLA Belgrade 2019 Logistics Conference

    Gold Sponsor

    How much can technology help in savings in transport and storage? Lognet presented the importance of fast information flow and their impact on both visible and invisible expenses. In addition to visible expenses, invoiced to the company by its supplier, the “invisible” expenses were separately analyzed, including the time spent by the dispatcher to organize the transport, the time spent by the carrier on waiting, and the time spent by the storage site on vehicle receipt, as well as methods how reducing such expenses could result in more efficient organization of transport and storage.


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